Week No. 24 of 24  3/29/2014         League Average: 104            

  Match Total Points Total      
  Points Points Round 4 Pinfall      
 Team StandingsWonLostWonLostWeek 6ScratchHSGHSSTeam
1TEAM 5521194231156663469435
2TEAM 27 8880261525943512122
3TEAM 42585832378792196034
4TEAM 1349375212620548312921
5TEAM 3 7957319127772957913
6TEAM 7 71385 12471704427

Round Winners 1st 2nd 3rd
Round  123TEAM 123TEAM 523TEAM 3
Round  236TEAM 528TEAM 323TEAM 4
Round  330TEAM 129TEAM 525TEAM 3
Round  431TEAM 526TEAM 223TEAM 4

  1st Overall   2nd Overall  3rd Overall 1st This Week 2nd This Week
Game483TEAM 1435TEAM 2346TEAM 5435TEAM 1406TEAM 2
W/HCP696TEAM 1692TEAM 2668TEAM 5657TEAM 2642TEAM 1
Series1292TEAM 11212TEAM 2943TEAM 51146TEAM 21109TEAM 1
W/HCP1995TEAM 11983TEAM 21924TEAM 51899TEAM 21797TEAM 5
Game160Saira McCollum159Tyara Lowe138Gabby Smits145Saira McCollum141Tyara Lowe
W/HCP250Saira McCollum248Gabby Smits245Tyara Lowe235Saira McCollum222Tyara Lowe
Series441Tyara Lowe411Saira McCollum333Gabby Smits395Saira McCollum391Tyara Lowe
W/HCP699Tyara Lowe684Saira McCollum663Gabby Smits665Saira McCollum634Tyara Lowe
Game256Salvador Rivera179Jacob Smits177Blake Archer224Salvador Rivera138Jacob Smits
W/HCP277Blake Archer271Jacob Smits270Salvador Rivera238Salvador Rivera228Andres Diaz
Series671Salvador Rivera394Jacob Smits378Andres Diaz560Salvador Rivera346Jacob Smits
W/HCP722Salvador Rivera712Tenoch Flores706Andres Diaz637Scott Harris621Ethan McConochie

 Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
1 TEAM 1
009Andres Diaz575999105160378
010Salvador Rivera6912899186256671
017Blake Archer727307101177371
2 TEAM 2
001Saira McCollum697718111160411
005Tyara Lowe637541119159441
3 TEAM 3
002Wayne Wendling6748347297264
015Tenoch Flores69666496137363
021Scott Harris3322296796255
4 TEAM 4
011Mason Hutchens39246863109281
016Brandon Phipps93483863174
018Ethan McConochie66506376115297
 Individual RecordsGmePinsAveHSGHSS
5 TEAM 5
007Gabby Smits66629995138333
008Jacob Smits637073112179394
019Madison McConochio30229476115258
7 TEAM 7
022Natalia Murdock104144158148
023Lily Moser116015497210
003Elijah Meek62343956137
004Sal Arunda-Rivera  168  
006Kasten Aebisher  52  
012Dylan Highley  137  
013Chuck Harless  200  
014Jerry Rettke  200  
024Seth Springs62323848121

Star Bowler for Game
Saira McCollum35 pins over average with 145 game
Salvador Rivera38 pins over average with 224 game
Star Bowler for Series
Saira McCollum65 pins over average with 395 series
Scott Harris37 pins over average with 235 series